The HR Panel is the interactive Human Resources website. Its features enable faster communication between employees and Human Resources Department; it eliminates routine steps and optimizes the internal processes of the Human Resources Department. The website also enables employees to access their pay stub sheet, benefits and online time-clock at any time. Check each feature by clicking on the name of it or scroll down naturally by the page.

Easy Access

The employee will receive by a physical letter, SMS or e-mail the address and access of his initial password, which together with the ID, allows him to create a password and get access to the system.

Online Support

It allows the employee to have access to questions and how the system operates with HR Panel attendants from the staff in real time.

Pay stub of Payroll

On this pay stub, the employee data, the organization and labor contract data is displayed. Below, it shows the information such as earnings, discounts and liquid salary.

of pay stub by
the employee
Information from
the employee and
from the company
Earnings Information
Discount Information
Calculation Basis
The Validation Code
and QR Code that serve
as a proof of the
authenticity of pay stub

All payroll history is available for developer access.

So when the employee is making a purchase, the store does not need to contact the company. Just reads the QR Code or access the address and enter the validation code to prove that pay stub is true.

Pay stub of Benefits

In addition to the employee data, the company and labor contract data are presented all the benefits that were provided to the employee. This module also works as a tool to support the company's talent retention policy, because it shows how much is invested in employees, further than to salary.

Detailed information of the Benefits

Pay stub of Time Card

Also presents the data of the employee and the company, in addition to labor contract information, and in the sequence, the time card. In it, the employee sees his pay stub and can interact with its schedules.

This module of pay stub serves both to companies that work with the manual pay stub as to those with approved pay stub system.

Clicking on the
schedule it will
open the justification
popup, where the
employee can enter a new
clock in, justify absences,
delays, forward prescriptions
or declarations.
The changes are sent
to the e-mail of
the company
Human Resources.

Workflow - Approval Flow

The employee may make requests to Human Resources. These requests can go through the approval of the immediate manager and then by the Human Resources Department. Everything simple: the employee requests, the manager approves and automatically forwards the request to Human Resources Department which returns the feedback to the employee.


The Human Resources Department always when it needs to communicate with employees, may use this module where it can view and answer notifications. The employee will see a number over the notifications icon referring to the amount of incoming messages and unread ones.

Human Resources Policies

This module acts as a communication wall for Human Resources Department to inform about the main policies of the organization, such as rules of conduct, its mission, vision and values. All this can be changed when necessary.

Editable text and image


The employee can access or change his photo or his password, edit or add his cell phone and email. Human Resources receive a note whenever an employee changes the data.




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