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Interactive Website for Human Resources

The HR Panel is the interactive Human Resources website that simplifies your routine and improves the relationship between the company and the employee. The Portal functionalities streamline the communication between employees and Human Resources Department; they also eliminate routine steps and streamline internal processes. The HR Panel also enables employee’s access to their pay stub sheet, benefits and online time-clock at any time.

All these features associated with the dynamism of the internet and the mobility of communication; provide to the Human Resources the ability to perform its routines from any mobile device connected to the web. And the employees are pleased to be able to solve everything at ease and when it is needed: when you are out of the workplace.

The solution, as well as enhance the Human Resources management via web, demonstrates the quality of Human Resources services, engender savings in the budget and provides more time for Human Resources to devote to the human capital of the organization.

Save time to devote yourself to Human Resources

The HR Panel optimizes the time of the Human Resources Department by simplifying the manual processes of your routine, eliminating steps through an automated process flow leaving the day to day in the slightest and a more productive way. This creates a favorable environment for Human Resources to devote its time to strategic business issues and particularly human capital.

Promote employee satisfaction

The attention to simplicity became the HR Panel easy to use, both by the company and by the employee. The information is presented in details, in a clear and direct way, contributing to the reduction in the number of queries and doubts to the Human Resources Department.

In addition, it eliminates the need for collecting signatures (mandatory in Brazil) and it allows the employee to have a digital interface with the Human Resources Department and access the salary payment information when outside the company. So it is possible that he solves his everyday needs at work or field staff, simply and quickly.


The main feature of a 100% web solution is its accessibility, attribute that allows the user to consult his information through computers, mobile phones and tablets when away from his workplace. Thus, both the employee and Human Resources are replaced by better conditions to solve everyday situations from anywhere.

During a business trip, for example, Human Resources Department, or manager, can access the internet and send HR Panel communicated or perform approvals ahead of routine activities. The employee can also access the service outside the company, allowing him to apply for his vacation into the Human Resources Department, forward prescriptions or access his pay stub. Thus, in situations where he is requested for deposit confirmation, such as in account opening in banks, loans, etc, mobility makes all the difference because it brings fluidity to the day to day routine.


The HR Panel is versatile because it is built on a modern digital platform that extracts the full potential of cloud computing and also allows its integration to any payroll system.

Another feature is the ability to customize the HR Panel. The website can easily be adapted to the client's business that has the freedom to choose the resources that the company wants that it becomes available to employees, according to their routine and reality. In addition, the client can adapt the layout of HR Panel environment to the company’s identity, not to mention that the solution also has versions in Portuguese, English and Spanish to attend companies with branches in other countries or foreign employees.


Besides all the positive values that HR Panel adds to the business and its unique way of demonstrating the quality of Human Resources services, the website also generates savings in the budget sector because it reduces print costs, distribution and storage previously required in the old process of printed pay stub.

Thus the HR Panel avoids wasting time and paper, resulting in productivity gains and positively assists in environmental company policies. Not to mention that the solution is also a great opportunity to meet labor law requirements.




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